For Philadelphia to reach its full potential, create more high-quality jobs, build an inclusive economy with opportunity for all, and reinvigorate neighborhood commercial districts in all corners of the city, it must create an equitable, inclusive and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem. Creating free access to information and resources is one step towards achieving ZERO BARRIERS to entrepreneurship for all.

Please use the resources below to support the growth of your entrepreneurial efforts.



Depending on the type of business you are in and where you plan to operate, your business will be required to have various state and/or municipal licenses. Check with the license office in the city or state where you plan to do business to know the correct licenses and permits your business need. In this section you have access to the following:


1. City Business Requirements in Philadelphia
2. State Business Registration in Pennsylvania
3. Federal Requirements
  1. Free Legal assistance

  2. Business planning and technical assistance

  3. Improve Your Credit and Grow Your Business

  4. Conduct Market Research to know what customers want and determine the right address
    to locate your business
  5. Start Non-Profit
  1. Get Inspired -Philadelphia Startup Media
  2. Get educated and Learn

  3. Inspirational Events in Philadelphia:

  4. Educate – Best Practices

  5. Educate – Training & Feedback

  6. Validate – Team Formation
  7. Build First Product
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The three levels of government from city/county, state and federal provide a variety of services aimed at helping entrepreneurs plan, launch and grow their businesses. In this section you have access to the city of Philadelphia, state, federal, and university resources. Additional resources will be in the following:

1. City of Philadelphia Incentive Programs
2. State Resources
3. Federal Resources
4. Local Universities
​(universities with prominent technical or business programs)


1. Accelerators: Serving Life Sciences, Technology, Hardware businesses

2. Incubators

3. Coworking Spaces


1. Investor Networking:

2. Pitch & Demo


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Growing Your Business

Growing Your Business

Philadelphia is among the top cities with the highest concentration of small business financial institutions in the country. Therefore, any business that has built a sustainable foundation should not have difficulty accessing capital. Please check each institution individually to learn about their financial products and terms. A snapshot of the resources here include the following:

1. Project Financing and Micro lenders
2. Commercial Banks and Credit Unions

3. Community Loan Programs and other Small Business Financing

4. Crowdfunding

5. Small Business Grant and City Programs

6. Get Funding – Seed Capital
7. Get Funding – Angels / Micro-VCs: Seed-stage investors

8. Get Funding – Venture Capital

  1. Import/Export
  2. World Trade Blocks

1. Community Newspapers

2. Citywide Newspapers and Magazines

3. Citywide Radio Stations

4. Major Media

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